What Is The Cape Cod Christian Experience?

footprints.jpgIt has been frustrating trying to figure out what to write and what not to.  It has been hard knowing who to trust and who not to, except for some very obvious choices.  Feelings have to be swallowed and words have had to go unspoken. For the most part, I have been realizing that I have a soapbox but have had to be careful how I use it.

There is a diversity of experiences among Christians on Cape Cod. There are also some things that we share in common because we are all on this sandbar together. There are some things we have thought peculiar to our experience here that are actually quite common, for better or for worse.  This blog is undergoing a rehab followed by a relaunch. As far as I can tell, this Cape Cod is a particularly interesting place to walk with the Lord, with footprints in the sand being literal as well as figurative.  There are personality types that are in churches everywhere that I once thought were peculiar to here. Understanding that they are not just here has made the observations and experiences all the more interesting.  My walk here was once punctuated with a  distinct swagger.  Now, as has been my experience in my physical life, I have developed a limp.  Soon, I will be sharing what I am learning in this walk, sometimes with more questions than answers.  More to come….

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